August 2017



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AUSTRIACARD delivers VISA wearables for NBG
Starting May 2017, Austria Card delivers the ACE Wearable Wristbands, a contactless payment device with VISA functionality to the National Bank of Greece. The wristbands were provided to the approximately fifty thousand visitors of the Athens Colour Day Festival. The ACE Payment Gear items, function as fully fledged contactless prepaid VISA debit cards.
The product was launched on the occasion of the Colour Day Festival. For each ticket purchased, a prepaid wristband and a micro tag were given to each festival participant. The wristband could be used for contactless transactions at the event. In order to use it after the festival, the wristband-owner could do so by visiting an NBG branch and connecting it to their prepaid card. Non-NBG clients could also enjoy the perks of the innovative and modern technology, by opening an account with the bank.

Mrs. Nelly Tzakou-Lampropoulou, General Manager at NBG, stated that “with the strong support of AUSTIACARD, we achieved to be the first bank to present this innovative way of payments in the Greek market. Within a short time, AUSTRIACARD was able to implement a complicated project and help us provide our customers with an innovative, handy and attractive product to make their purchases.”

An Innovative and Attractive Way to Grow Customer Numbers

The wristbands of the NBG customers turn into a powerful, eye-catching advertising medium. And it is highly targeted: Visitors of the Colour Day Festival in Athens constitute a young and attractive market segment for the bank. The users of the wearables can pay with just a flick of their wrist, without even opening their wallets or using a PIN-code verification for small transactions. NBG’s brand was highly visible on every wrist, immediately sparking discussion about the innovative product. Due to the prevalence of peer groups, word of mouth about the new payment device quickly spread beyond the borders of the color festival.
JKB MasterCard World Elite Gold bar card
AUSTRIACARD is the first company to issue gold bar cards for the Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB). JKB is a highly trusted bank that has evolved into one of the major players in the country and region, rewarding its elite customers by issuing gold for their wallet, the MC World Elite Gold bar.
Jordan Kuwait Bank takes pride in itself for servicing the "Elite" of Jordan.
JKB received the annual First Prize award of the Best Bank in Jordan upon the successful launch of not one but two high end products issued this year. The Crystal Card, a card enhanced with crystals and the Gold Bar cards. The Luxurious and minimal design was done in collaboration between the Bank and the in-house AUSTRIACARD’s Creative Services.

Konstantinos Lagios, Chief Commercial Officer at AUSTRIACARD says: "We are continuously working on new card body innovations. I am certain that the JKB MC World Elite cards will stand out with their splendor and sophistication. They will not only impress JKB's customers, but also their acquaintances."

This deluxe card, with the Unique luxury customized Gold Bar, enables us to bring glamor and finesse with high end benefits to our customers' credit cards " says Mr. Haethum Buttikhi, Head of Retail & Private Banking at Jordan Kuwait Bank at JKB.

AUSTRIACARD will be one of the sponsors at the launch scheduled for Q3 of 2017.
Creative Design Services now in AUSTRIACARD
Since the beginning of the year AUSTRIACARD is offering Creative Design Services, giving its clients the opportunity to enhancing their cards with creative and unique ideas
The creative services of AUSTRIACARD was established in order for our customers to have the opportunity to expand their card portfolio with a wide range of high end printing technique from colors to plastic, vivid colors structured cards, enhanced cards with crystals and gold bars, as well as a wide range of possibilities that can differentiate their products in the market and make it a personal affair. Creativity gives a different perspective on a not so variable project.

AUSTRIACARD’s R&D Department
AUSTRIACARD since its very beginning has been investing its Research and Development department for embedded smart card operating systems and chip personalization solutions.

Its engineers integrate smartcard products into AUSTRIACARD’s operating environment and support third party personalization requests. ‘AUSTRIACARD has invested more than a decade in tweaking its native ACOS system so that it can host multiple applications, while at the same time offering the benefits of a native solution.’ states Bernd Eder, Head of R&D at AUSTRIACARD.
Their excellence is thriving on the Development services on microcontroller chips with limited hardware space, particular long experience in high security operating systems such as payment, identification, securing data and host for software applications. Furthermore, they have extended know-how on embedded software testing solutions.

AUSTRIACARD’s R&D department is undertaking cooperation projects such as the current one with a leading semiconductor manufacturer where embedded knowhow for smart cards is being shared. AUSTIACARD’s R&D department is offering outsourcing and consulting.

It is reputable for secure programming tailored to the customer needs with also a Customer support for innovations – for example Quick contactless, cigarette machine security access, etc.
R&D department provides consulting services to other companies to minimize cost and effort in optimizing the lead time during certification process.

Furthermore, a certification proficiency of required functionality and security building on decades of experience complying with EMVCo, Visa, MC, American express, Dinners and Fido certification guidelines. AUSTRIACARD became the first company globally to offer fully-fledged, multi-application smart cards, supporting the newest MasterCard MChip Advance and FIDO U2F on ONE dual interface token.

Throughout the years it has obtained five patents based on their own operating system. Remarkably, AUSTRIACARD is the first company in the world to certify Fido on EMV payment cards.
AUSTRIACARD is not only the first member of the FIDO Alliance that has achieved FIDO certification for EMV smart payment cards, but the ACOS smart cards are now certified by VISA and MasterCard.
First Discover D-PAS in the world shipped by AUSTRIACARD
AUSTRIACARD has become the worldwide first vendor to produce Discover D-Pas (EMV Diners) cards with dual interface technology. Austria is thus the first market where consumers will have the additional option to pay, by simply tapping their credit card onto a contactless terminal.
“We are happy that we have helped our customer DC Bank AG to broaden its portfolio enabling them to provide their end-users with state-of-the-art technology”, says Konstantinos Lagios, Chief Commercial Officer at AUSTRIACARD AG. “We are globally among the top ten largest producers of dual interface cards, and we are confident that offering contactless Discover cards will help us continue our role as an industry leader."

DC Bank AG, CEO, Karl Kainzner stated "It is comforting to know that Diners enters the contactless era with AUSTRIACARD on its side. They have been at the forefront of this new technology from the beginning, so we can profit from their rich expertise."

Established Partnership Promising Growth

AUSTRIACARD has been a preferred supplier of Diners products for years. The company's main cooperation is with the DC Bank AG (since September owned by Card Complete), which issues all Diners cards for Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. In addition to that, AUSTRIACARD is also supplying other markets such as Bulgaria, with Diners DDA cards.

For Austria Card, Diners offers a great growth potential. The brand is already extremely popular in North America, where Discover (the network behind the Diners brand) is the third largest payment network and at the moment is ratcheting up its efforts to further increase market share in Europe.
Cosmote Prepaid card issued by NBG
With the prepaid card of COSMOTE, a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, every time a purchase occurs, the user receives free internet for his mobile. It is the first time that AUSTRIACARD uses a holomagnetic MasterCard strip.
This product is highly advertised for its flexibility of owning a bank card without actually having an account at the National Bank of Greece. The end customer can acquire this product simply by having an account with COSMOTE, one of the largest telecommunication providers in Greece. AUSTRIACARD has used a newly introduced feature, the MasterCard holomagnetic stripe, giving a special effect to the card. The card is delivered to the end customer in a secure packaging to fit our client’s needs.
AUSTRIACARD Turkey delivers for Turkish Airlines
AUSTRICARD Turkey positively contributes to nature through a privilege offered to the customers of Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines has maintained its title of the Best Airline Company in Europe. Since January 2017, Turkish Airlines is trusting AUSTRIACARD Turkey with a reputable project serving its elite customers.
This project gives AUSTRIACARD Turkey the unique opportunity to contribute globally to sustainable living conditions, by reducing the number of trees cut down and decreasing the usage of ink. Best ecological features are used for all items supplied for Turkish Airlines; membership cards and luggage cards, including envelopes and letters. AUSTRIACARD Turkey products and services have been mailed to hundreds of thousands of Turkish Airlines elite customers, since January 2017.

Burak Bilge, General Manager at AUSTRIACARD Turkey, stated that they look forward to strengthening their business partnership with Turkish Airlines in the upcoming years. Additionally, they aim to be involved in projects that will help them provide their customers with improved and enriched services. Furthermore, Bilge commented that AUSTRIACARD Turkey will continue to offer services with its ecological products for the Turkish Airlines RFID project, which will soon take effect. According to Bilge, when the customers are provided with the RFID technology as part of the RFID project - which is one of a kind, domestic and international, – losing luggage and suitcases will become a thing of the past.
AUSTRIACARD Turkey receives TEB Award by Turkish BNP Paribas
AUSTRIACARD Turkey was awarded as the best supplier by Turkish BNP Paribas, Türk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB)

The annual supplier’s day event was held by Turkish BNP Paribas as it has been for the past couple of years. Current events and opinions were discussed by Economists and Political Analysts followed by the TEB award nomination. ‘A great honor for AUSTRIACARD Turkey, we are happy and proud for this accomplishment, we will keep on increasing our service levels, staying closer to our customers and keep building trust over the years. I hope this will be the start of a bigger partnership’ stated Burak Bilge.
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